Quality Management System (QMS)

Our dedicated quality management department is your ideal ally for improving your working methods.

Our quality experts and consultants meet your needs in terms of customer satisfaction.

Our range of services, areas and methods:

Process evaluation and audit

Experts in certification

Our experts have all been consultants for many years, both in our traditional areas of expertise (financial audits, operational diagnostics, internal control assessment, risk assessment and management, etc.) and in quality management systems in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISQM1 standards or other standards (ISO 31000, etc.).

Complete services

We're at your side from the initial diagnosis right through to the certification audit, thanks to our network and partnerships. We make the requirements of the standards accessible to you, and develop a strategy based on a risk-based process approach. This approach is a response to the quality management system (QMS), where we assess your practices by comparing them with the requirements of the various standards (ISO 9001, ISQM1, etc.). We then respond to the problems identified with corrective actions, procedures and operating methods that will give you a secure service and assurance of the quality of your assignments.

Credible and recognised expertise

We are members of Baker Tilly International, the world's 10th largest audit and advisory network, present in 141 countries, with more than 28,000 partners and staff. The network brings together some of the best-performing firms in their region, recognised locally or regionally in terms of reputation, size and skills. This membership of the network, with firms recognised throughout the world, enables us to offer our clients support that meets international standards.

Cette adhésion au réseau, avec des cabinets reconnus dans le monde entier, nous permet d’offrir à nos clients un accompagnement conformes aux standards internationaux.

Your needs

Our commitments

Experts at your service

Depending on your needs and the skills required, we select the most appropriate expert from our team.

A team dedicated to the assignment

Each assignment is unique, which is why a team of auditors is dedicated to the assignment.

A local consultant

We attach great importance to being close to our customers. Our experts are based as close as possible to you (Libreville, Port-gentil, etc.).

Availability and attentiveness

Our specialists will advise you on the best way to provide support, audit or training. Our experts can be contacted directly to answer your questions.

How about working together?

Our expertise in the field gives our team a solid track record of providing you with advice and ideas to meet your needs.